Johsin Labour Relation-Legal CC has amended its own certificate by putting Construction service and it is 100% black owned and historically disadvantaged closed co-operation based in Klerksdorp in North West. It prides itself with its ability to give effect to transfer skills, innovation and creativity and erection of building structures in line with BCC Standards and specifications as well as related building construction related projects. We are concerned about high levels of unemployment and poverty, to address the problem we create job opportunities for the youth, women, disabled people and people from rural communities. Our company revolves around and upholds a post-apartheid policy of Black Economic Empowerment that ensures and insists on total control by black ownership, adherence to Gender Equity guidelines and Human Rights practices and complying with progressive labour related regulations to succeed in changing and transforming human beings.


Johsin Labour Relations was established in the year 2000 by Mr. Johannes Poloko Sekgweleo its main business was benefits recovery but in 2011 amended the certificate to provide another service as a construction service which in this profile we focus on the amended service. Johsin Construction is a business venture that is conceived out of the culmination of years of frustration on our part as relating to the current status quo of the construction industry and its emerging industry players. Our frustration is born out of the fact that after a decade since the conception of the economic empowerment process through the reconstruction and development process of our country, little in terms of the growth of companies and their employees both in terms of the company’s Financial standing and their respective employee’s skills development. We have assisted one of the small companies with the materials and a capital named T & L construction but seen the needs of construction companies as the economy grow of our country Johsin decided to also offer such kind of service and be part of construction industry From as far as now we want to still see a black owned construction enterprise moving from being surviving/ emerging to at least micro/ medium enterprise.

Johsin construction offer a full range of construction services, to private home owners, corporative institutions and both of the government programmer, the Extended Public Works programmer and the Reconstruction and Development Housing Programmer. At this point Johsin Construction is a venture that is already practicing its services with different companies. In terms of the employment capacity of the enterprise, we believe that to keep the entry stages overheads costs manageable the company managed to employee 15 from construction side from 2011 till it decide to change the management.