The company provides general building and structural construction and property development services, labor and material supply, project management, administration, property sales and rentals. These services form the core focus of our business while simultaneously widening product choice for our clients. With the introduction of green compliant developments that are cost effective our clients have more to benefit from these modern designs. We endeavor to deliver quality at low cost through manipulation of current construction and property development technologies in place. All our offerings are aimed at enhancing lives, building families and creating positive impressions and lasting relationships with our clients.


Through creation of exceptional residential homes, factories, commercial buildings and the resilience with which the company has displayed, our family of clients has since been increasing steadily. Johsin Consulting endeavors to always set a new and higher standard of excellence for the delivery of construction services to our clients. We believe the quality of the construction is a direct result of the quality of the construction process. Our role is to execute and manage the complex components of building to ensure that superior quality and craftsmanship are never compromised. Our project management team ensures that this process is made easy for our clients and the results are exemplary.


Our steel structure are made from the highest quality steel (SANS) with the option of being hot dip galvanised and specially designed to withstand high wind, and earthquakes. As we manufacture our structures using steel we can provide an affordable custom made design in a much shorter time frame. And careful material segregation, well documented welding procedures, and calibration of equipment ensures the project quality.